Why choose Mudjacking?
Mudjacking is considered the best way to ‘recycle’ concrete, concrete raising is the new cost effective method to maintain concrete.

Trip hazards are unsafe, and expose you to unnecessary liabilities.

Make your home safe and beautiful with level sidewalks by mudjacking your concrete. If you’re experiencing sunken concrete slabs on your property,
mudjacking is a quick and easy way to get things back to their original state.

What are the benefits of Mudjacking (Concrete Lifting)?

  • It can be walked or driven on almost immediately
  • There is little or no disruption to the landscaping
  • Clean and quick process
  • Reduces down time for business and roads
  • Very cost effective
  • Removes trip hazards
  • The work can be done in a matter of hours
  • Fills the void area eliminating the penetration of water, animals & insects

What you can expect from us:

  • FREE Estimates
  • Quality Workmanship and Service
  • A Detailed Explanation of our Services so you can make an Informed Decision
  • A Fair and Reasonable Price
  • A 3 Year Warranty on the Lifting and a Lifetime Warranty on the Drill Holes

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A few of the jobs done by NICL:


  • City of Oregon
  • City of Geneva
  • Associated Banks
  • Boy Scouts of America
  • Winnebago Housing Authority
  • US Post Offices
  • Hampton Ridge Apartments
  • Estwing
  • Hononegah High School
  • Lowes Distribution
  • Dean Foods
  • American Pattern
  • Parkview Homes
  • Rockford Health Systems
  • Hawthorne Condos
  • Gateway Development
  • Martin & Co.
  • Glenwood Properties
  • Trinity Methodist Church
  •  Chapel Hill Apartments
  • Forest Hills Village
  • Polo Co-op
  • Blackhawk Bank
  • American Legion Hall
  • The Rockford Co.
  • Fairview Shopping Center
  • Faith Methodist Church
  • Oakbrook Condos
  • Mulford Apartments
  • Oakcrest Condo’s
  • Erickson Group
  • Cedarville Church
  • Gingerwood Apartment Condos
  • First Baptist Church
  • Varsity Apartments
  • Lyford Oaks Condos
  • and hundreds of residential properties.